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Medical Grade Quality

Quality is important. That's why all of our Hearing Aids are FDA registered. Our Technology speaks for itself.

FDA Certified Hearing Aids | RxEars®

Risk Free

Our 45-day risk free trial gives you time to fall in love with RxEars. With our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, you have nothing to worry about. Or your money back!

 Hearing Aids that are 100% Money Back Guarantee | RxEars®

U.S. Support

We come from the oldest custom Hearing Aid manufacturer in the U.S. So our team knows a thing or two and we're always with you.

Our Hearing Aid Customer Service is 100% US Based | RxEars®

Easy Shopping

Free shipping with low monthly payment plans makes shopping for hearing aids easy.

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Oldest Manufacturer In The U.S.A


Persona Medical is the oldest custom Hearing Aid manufacturer in the United States, and has delivered over 1 Million Hearing Aid Devices all over the world. 

Customer Feedback

I am so thrilled that I can finally purchase these online.  I am so tired of spending $5K and not having any control.  

Shirley W - (Verified Customer)

Bought these for my mom when she lost her other hearing aids. This product is amazing. They work just as well as the $5k hearing aids at a fraction of the price. I'll be recommending these to all my friends and family.

Mari - (Verified Customer)

Love the app! The advanced app allows me to fine tune my hearing for different environments I may be in. This means I dont have to go to the audiologist everytime I need something changed. Plus they are very comfortable. Two thumbs up!

Nathaneil - (Verified Customer)

Being able to tune my RxEars was a breeze.  The app is quick and easy to use.  Don't wait any longer, the sound quality is superb."

Danny B - (Verified Customer)

I set these up for my Dad since he doesn't want to use the cell phone.  It was easy and the customer service from RxEars is amazing, quick, and thorough.  You will be pleased!.

Jonathan P - (Verified Customer)

It worked really well right out of the box. I played around with the app and quickly found my favorite settings. I used to have a hard time hearing everyone at business meetings and restaurants, but now I can hear the conversations much better and I feel a lot more comfortable in those situations.

Kilos - (Verified Customer)

I have been needing a hearing aid and couldn't afford to go to the Audiology office. Came across these RxEars, and I purchased this Rx4 model... so glad I did!! Easy to use, love the technology, not complicated to use. I highly recommend this model if you need to hear better!!

LT - (Verified Customer)

This product is AMAZING!!!! And the price is the BEST..... I would recommend this product to anyone. The quality of the product is excellent.

Choco - (Verified Customer)

Customize Your Hearing

Choose a hearing aid that adapts to your environment automatically.

Try the Rx7

Direct to Customer and Professional Service Combined

We are seeking to combine the value of the Hearing Aid Professional with those who have the ability to self-serve their own hearing needs. 

Cheers To Hearing Again!

Get Back Into The Conversation With Confidence.

How we can sell a high quality Hearing Aid for such a low price.

Reason #1

No Middleman = Cost Savings

RxEars sells directly to the consumer so we avoid all of the unnecessary markups that would increase the price up to 70%.

- No Wholesale Markups

- No Retail Markups

- No Service Costs

- No Unnecessary "Fees"

Reason #2

No Audiologist Needed

With over 50 years of experience, we found that 79% of people experience similar hearing losses, so there is no need for a custom fit. RxEars are all adjustable.

Every hearing aid we sell has multiple settings and satisfy the majority of the population.

If it doesn’t fit you, we’ll give you 100% of your money back!

Reasons To Choose RxEars?

Bluetooth Hearing Aid App | Rx7 Hearing Aids | RxEars®

The Best Technology

Since our company has 50+ years of experience, our technology is always well tested and certified in ways our competition can’t imagine.  

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Virtually Invisible Hearing Aids | RxEars®

Virtually Invisible

RxEars products are far more discreet than most.  We know how to make a great sounding product sleek and comfortable.

Most Comfortable Hearing Aids | FDA Certified | RxEars®

Really Comfortable

Hearing devices should be easy to wear, comfortable all the time, and improve your life.  You will wonder how you ever went without them.

Professional Hearing Aid Help | RxEars®

Still Need A Professional's Help?

If you need help getting RxEars to sound the way you envisioned, please give us a call.  Some of our service professionals have over 30 years of experience helping customers like you.  If visiting a hearing professional in your area is in your best interests, we will help arrange it with an authorized RxEars fitting specialist.

The Most Affordable FDA Registered Hearing Aids

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