If you were exposed to loud sounds, you would seek hearing protection. At the other end of the sound spectrum, are difficult to hear sounds, especially for the hearing impaired.

Sounds are hard to hear for a variety of reasons: Either the sound is softer than you can hear it, or there is competing noise which makes the signal hard to understand.

If you have a hearing loss, soft sounds are harder to hear!  RxEars can help improve this difficult situation both in quiet settings and in noise.

   Lectures with distant speakers and soft talkers.

               Hear the professor from the back of the room.  By the time the speech gets to your ears, it loses energy making it harder to understand.   Women and children and the elderly often have soft voices, and the lack of low frequency energy and volume makes it harder to hear them.  Let RxEars help amplify sounds in these difficult situations and restore some of your social life!


               Hear the TV at lower volumes or even while your spouse is sleeping.

   Social Events

               Hear more in public where too much ambient noise is present.

   Church / Worship

               No need to get there early just to get a close seat; hear from the back row.

   Movie Theatre

              Enjoy movies again, hear every word of the next big blockbuster.

  Music / Concerts

             Whether it is in the comfort of your own home or at a concert - hear music more clearly.